Escape The Wolf: A Crisis Management and Risk Mitigation Company

Tale of the Wolf

Tale of the Wolf

Society consists of law-abiding citizens, or sheep, who are oblivious to potential threats, or wolves. 

Escape the Wolf trains clients to blend in with sheep and provides skills to escape the wolf.

Best of the Best Expertise

Escape the Wolf provides preemptive, holistic safety solutions for employees, students and government personnel. We transform the complex into easy to implement security solutions.

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Relationships With Longevity

Long-Term Relationships With Our Clients

We create security plans that increase the safety of your people and support your strategic objectives.

With Escape the Wolf, you get a complete, end-to-end security culture. We provide sustained and evolving capabilities, not “one off” solutions offered by other companies.

Premier Experience

Real-World Security Experts

Our team includes elite government operatives, defense personnel, law enforcement and security experts.

Because of our experience in the world’s most remote and dangerous environments, we understand the threats inherent to today’s world. And we know how to avoid and mitigate the risks.

Holistic Solutions

Holistic Solutions

We provide innovative technology and security resources. A powerful education process. Superior product integration. And comprehensive consultation. Each with targeted end states.

And we tailor our work to the unique safety and security requirements of each client.

The end result? Our holistic approach provides the most complete security solution possible for our clients.

Differentiators That Matter

Differentiators That Matter

Working with Escape the Wolf provides you with a complete, end-to-end security culture.

The results? A more secure, confident team, and the preservation of business continuity for the organization.

We will empower your employees and students to put every threat in check.

We want to be part of your organization. We want you to be part of Escape the Wolf.