Crisis Management

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Escape the Wolf, LLC evolved from a self-published travel security handbook into a global crisis management company. Today, we build OSHA-compliant crisis management programs for large to small organizations, including program design, policy development and workforce education.

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We bridge the gap between crisis and the unknown with preemptive security solutions. We tailor security policies, procedures and workforce education to your needs to mitigate threats, decrease exposure to crisis, and increase survivability. We want you to be more confident, more aware, and more secure.

The best crisis management programs anticipate worst-case scenarios, define appropriate chains of command, lines of communication, protocols and identify best practices.

We ensure response and recovery is ready to go, no matter what emergency is on the horizon, with custom built policies.

Escape the Wolf provides corporate clients with a unique combination of robust capabilities not offered by other security companies.

Our highly experienced professionals work closely with clients to customize solutions that enhance security or resolve gaps and shortfalls.