Retired Navy SEAL & Best Selling Author

Retired Navy SEAL & Best Selling Author

Clint Emerson is a retired U.S. Navy SEAL with over 20 years of service, a New York Times best-selling author, and crisis management professional. Throughout his military career, he served in various combat zones executing high-stakes missions including against Somali Pirates, AQ Leaders, and other covert operations. As a operative within the elite group known as SEAL Team 6, Clint developed a strong foundation in intelligence collection, surveillance, and singleton operations.

Upon retiring from the Navy, Clint’s passion for empowering others with lifesaving skills led him to create the ‘100 Deadly Skills’ book series. By sharing his unique background and extensive knowledge, he provides readers with strategies to help protect themselves in dangerous or potentially life-threatening situations.

As the founder of Escape the Wolf, a crisis management consultancy dedicated to addressing risk for corporations and organizations, his distinguished background and relevant experiences make him a sought-after speaker and trainer for various organizations, including government agencies and private corporations. Clint is dedicated to promoting safety and educating the public by providing actionable information, emphasizing the importance of personal preparedness and resilience. His work has been featured in various media outlets, including numerous television appearances, podcasts, and articles.

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Clint empowers INDIVIDUALS & ORGANIZATIONS with safety, security and self-sufficiency skills at home, work and abroad

Clint’s Collection of Books

New York Times Bestsellers & F. Scott Fitzgerald Prize Winner

The Rugged Life

A modern guide to self-sufficiency, homesteading, and building an independent life. Become self-reliant, live off the land, and be prepared for the unexpected.

The Right Kind of Crazy

Clint’s life as a Navy SEAL, covert operative, and boy scout from hell. Explosive, darkly funny, and often twisted account of being part of an elite team of operatives whose mission was to keep America safe by whatever means necessary.

100 Deadly Skills

The SEAL Operative’s guide to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and surviving and dangerous situation. A hands-on, practical survival guide for civilians from actual special forces operations to eluding pursuers, evading capture, and surviving any dangerous situation.

Deadly Skills (Survival Edition)

The SEAL Operative’s essential guide to surviving in the wild and being prepared for today’s emergencies from navigating in the wild to staying alive in any disaster.

Deadly Skills (Combat Edition)

A Navy SEAL’s guide to crushing your enemy, fighting for your life, and embracing your inner badass.

Deadly Skills (Puzzle & Activity Book)

The ultimate collection of puzzles, mind benders, and games to keep your brain sharp. Fun, challenging, and seriously useful activity book that tests your observation, concentration, memory, reasoning, sequencing, and logical thinking skills.




Founded by Clint Emerson, the Ready Room apparel collection reminds your adversaries that you embrace violence for good intentions. Load your daily lifestyle with everyday carry items that will give you an edge against an array of threats.

Safety & Survival Skills For Individuals

Learn skills without politics or religion. Gain access to knowledge and skills that will keep you ready against threats and crisis at any given time. Everyone is welcomed and everyone will benefit.

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A high-intensity, adrenaline-fueled competition that pushes participants to their physical and mental limits.

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Escape the Wolf

Crisis Prevention & Management For Organizations

The more self-reliant you become, the less global crisis and emergencies affect you. We provide crisis management that will provide safety, skills, and survival.

  • ASSESSMENT – We test your security posture using criminal tactics to reveal vulnerabilities for both physical facilities and cyber networks.
  • CONSULTATION – We can bridge the gap between crisis and the unknown with customized crisis management program design.
  • KEYNOTES – As a best-selling author, Clint is available for crisis & security related speaking engagements.

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Prevention Tools

We help organizations bridging the gap between the crisis and the unknown:

  • POLICY – Equip your organization with federal and state compliant policy loaded with the latest best practices.
  • TRAINING VIDEOS – Robust inventory of informative videos with an easy to implement syllabus.
  • TOOLS – Emergency references and step-by-step guides.

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Join host Clint Emerson as he explores hypothetical life-threatening situations with a touch of dark humor and asks a simple question: CAN YOU SURVIVE THIS PODCAST?

From earthquakes to home invasions, tsunamis to global pandemics, each episode puts you smack in the middle of a new disaster scenario and provides the essential tools, knowledge and confidence necessary to face any potentially deadly event – and most importantly: SURVIVE.



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