Targeting Criteria of a Convicted Rapist

Predator: Convicted Rapist, Texas Prison System

Every predator utilizes surveillance, intelligence collection and strategy prior to executing a crime – whether they know it or not. Crimes of rage tend to skip all these steps and predators inevitably get caught. It’s human nature to observe, collect and act when emotional outrage is not a factor.

Rapists tend to be more diligent with their planning and targeting – they want the satisfaction without identification and apprehension. They want to conquer over and over again.

We had the opportunity to interview a convicted rapist via his attorney and gathered his target selection criteria, prime environments to commit the act and how to elude predators like him.

Lesson: Tactics to Identify and Elude a Rapist

The FBI profiles the actions of a rapist into the following behaviors:

  • Power Reassurance
  • Power Assertive
  • Anger Retaliatory
  • Anger Excitation (Sadistic)

Each behavior tends to escalate from non-aggressive to lethal, Anger Excitation being the worst kind of rapist because the attack can be fatal.

The rapist interviewed was the worst kind. Sadistic indeed.

Slender build, big eyes with an innocent demeanor, he was kind of a dork. His attacks were vicious and methodically planned. He was a licker and biter, typically bound his targets and used child safety scissors to cut the clothing off, he didn’t want to accidentally cut their skin.

He was an educated man with a family. He carried a “rape kit.”

Here are his tactics, straight from the predator’s mouth. The following tactics were extracted from the interview in the form of direct quotes. We have highlighted the take-aways.

Caution, some of the information is disturbing.

Rapist Target Selection Criteria

1) “I always observed the overall look of a woman, her body, her hair and then imagined what she felt like, smelled like and tasted like. Most men do this – though most men would never admit it. I liked long hair that I could grip because I could pull back and reveal her neck. If I can control her head, then I can control her body.”

2) “A woman in a dress or skirt was a perk and I knew I could get inside of her faster, I never wasted time trying to pull off panties, I would just push them aside.”

3) “I liked to watch them and envision attacking them during certain parts of their routes – these were mental rehearsals and equally exciting for me. Their routes determined my attack points.”

4) “For me, business women were the most attractive, always on their phone, their cars in parking garages, dressed nice, smell good and not as willing to fight.”

5) “Homes are a risky place to attack but sometimes provide the most time so I could do all the things I wanted to do to her. My favorites were married women at home alone and attacking them in their own bed while their husbands were gone. The sound their beds made turned me on, knowing that I was making the bed squeak the way their husbands made the bed squeak was pleasing.”

6) “I liked middle aged women, 40s – they seemed to like it most.”

7) “Color didn’t matter to me, I love them all.”

8) “Women that appeared confident or strong were a turn off for me, not that I wouldn’t attack them, I just rather have someone that wouldn’t put up a fuss.”

9) “There is something sexy about a pregnant woman.”

10) “Late nights and early mornings worked best for me, they aren’t as attentive, once I put my fingers in their mouth and threaten them or their family, they just give in, some of them enjoyed themselves and even had orgasms.”

Counter Tactics on the Street

Limit pony’s and braids when alone

As a woman, you can’t be expected to cut your hair short, but try to avoid ponytails and braids when traveling alone. They create handles that can be used to take control of your entire body.

Be aware of your surroundings

Obviously, dressing undesirably or wearing pants the rest of your life is unrealistic. So, that leaves you with awareness and intuition. Don’t be complacent or ignore those gut instincts.

Try to avoid isolated areas

Parking garages and parking lots are common abduction sites.


Vary your Time, Environment, Distance and Direction. Simply put, change up your routes, times of departures and arrivals, where you go and the routes you take.

Walk with confidence

Even if you don’t know where you are, act like you do. Keep your head on a swivel – look around. Always look for the “out”.

Trust your instincts

If a situation or location feels unsafe or uncomfortable, then move until those feelings go away.

Be light and nimble

Try not to load yourself down with packages or bags as this can make you appear more vulnerable.

Get your head up and out of the screen

Make sure your cell phone is on the ready, battery charged and ready to dial. If your going to get on the phone with someone during your walk to your car, make sure they know where you are so they can provide your accurate location.

Don’t allow yourself to be isolated with someone you don’t trust or someone you don’t know.

Stop the music

Avoid music headphones in both ears so that you can be more aware of your surroundings, especially if you are walking or working out alone.

Only carry weapons your trained to use

The last thing you want is for your own weapon to be used against you. Train how you fight, fight how you train. If you’re not trained then don’t carry it.

Counter Tactics in Social Environments

When you go to a social gathering, go with a group of friends

Arrive together, check in with each other throughout the evening, and leave together. Have a drop dead time to regroup at a specific location.

Trust your instincts

If you feel unsafe in any situation, go with your gut.

Order a fresh drink

Don’t leave your drink unattended while talking, dancing, using the restroom, or making a phone call. If you’ve left your drink alone, just get a new one.

Thanks but no thanks

Don’t accept drinks from people you don’t know or trust. If you choose to accept a drink, go with the person to the bar to order it, watch it being poured, and carry it yourself. At parties, don’t drink from the punch bowls or other large, common open containers.

Watch out for your friends, and vice versa

If a friend seems out of it, is way too intoxicated for the amount of alcohol they’ve had, or is acting out of character, get him or her to a safe place immediately.

Alcohol having a strange effect tonight?

If you suspect you or a friend has been drugged, contact law enforcement immediately. Be explicit with doctors so they can give you the correct tests (you will need a urine test and possibly others).

If All Else Fails

  1. Always be ready to run, hide and fight.
  2. Be violently verbal. Let everyone hear you.
  3. Be violently combative. Use your whole body to fight the predator off.

In Conclusion

It goes without saying, all women and men (yes, men) are vulnerable to sexual assault. Less than 1 out of 10 men report a rising issue of men raping men.

Date rape is the most common form of rape for women.

Most of sexual predators are opportunistic and take advantage of a situation where the woman is vulnerable.

Awareness is your biggest weapon.

Please educate your family and friends about sexual predators and encourage them to read our lessons. Not only will they receive great tactics, but also support our cause to deliver insight straight from the predator’s jaws.

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