Top 5 Must Have Security Apps

Our Top 5 Must Have Security Apps

These are, for now, great apps to promote security and privacy in your professional and personal life. If you use all five, you will be able to secure text, secure voice calls, determine tampering of your environment, unlock your computer without a password and most importantly, lock up photos that are for your eyes only.

Cyber Dust: Cyber Dust is simply a more natural way to communicate without leaving a trail of everything you say. Messages and media disappear within seconds, never hit a hard drive and cannot be recovered. Cyber Dust keeps you in control of your content.

Photo Trap: Photo Trap allows the user to determine if any tampering, disturbance or nosiness occurred while away. Basically, the app will tell you if someone has been messing with your stuff. Great for hotel stays (luggage), roommate situations (your bedroom), keeping children in check (the liquor cabinet), office spaces (cleaning services), and millions of other situations where you might think someone is digging in your drawers.

Finger Key: FingerKey let’s you unlock your computer without having to type your password every time. If you own a TouchID compatible device, use it to authenticate and unlock your computer safely and conveniently. Besides only connecting when it’s actually necessary, FingerKey also uses bluetooth 4.0 which has very little impact on your battery life.

Photo Vault: Photo Vault allows users to confidently lock up and hide images from prying eyes. The Best and Most Private Photo and Video App for iPhone/iPad/iPod touch. Over 3,000,000 people trust Private Photo Vault™ to keep their photos hidden.

RokaCom: RokaCom is a service for mobile devices that secures and encrypts communication between people. Providing secure call, secure video and secure messaging on a global scale, RokaCom offers a variety of communication options to hold private discussions between people.

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